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About Pro Dog Training (a locally owned small
business serving our community)

Pro Dog Training serves Palm Beach and Martin Counties.  The company was established in 1990 in Virginia and relocated to south Florida in 2001. We have more than 35 years of experience in professional dog training.

We take pride in the successes of our many customers whom we have coached throughout the years. And, we look forward to our new and continuing relationships with owners and their dogs who embrace our approach to training with C.A.R.E.   We are devoted to helping your dog become an important and well disciplined part of your household and member of our community. We value the uniqueness of each dog and owner and our training is specifically geared to that uniqueness.


Pro Dog Training offers a complete line of puppy and adult training programs, including on and off lead training. Our services include:

  • All breeds, all ages, all problems-including aggressionSusan,Shauna,Shiloh
  • Free Evaluation in our Local Area
  • Personalized In-Home Training with the same trainer every session
  • 3 days per week
  • Experienced Certified Trainers through the  Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA)
  • Setting Specific Goals to Meet your Training Needs
  • Teaching with Positive Reinforcement
  • Ensuring  Good Household Manners
  • Restoring Peace and Harmony in your Home in Two to Three Weeks
  • Board and Train available in the Homes of our Experienced Certified Trainers

We also offer:

  • Canine Good Citizen Training and Evaluation
  • Pet First Aid and CPR (American Red Cross) classes  

Training with C.A.R.E.


Be Consistent:   Let your dog know what you expect.  Learn to set clear expectations and to always enforce the rules you establish, using positive reinforcement to make the training enjoyable for both of you.


Be Accepting:   Each breed has its unique requirements and each dog has its special "personality".   Learn how to give commands that your special dog understands. This will result in a mutually respectful and satisfying relationship.


Be Realistic:   Learning and behavioral changes only occur through regular practice. Make a commitment to routinely practice in order to reinforce good habits in both you and your dog. This will increase your level of trust in each other and confidence in yourselves.


Be Ernest:   Ask yourself if you are doing what’s needed to help you and your dog succeed.  What is the most reasonable and effective approach to making that happen? Using professional coaching from an experienced certified trainer is often the right step in order to ensure immediate and long term success.


We encourage training with all members of the same household, including children when possible. This helps to ensure that your dog has a positive and healthy relationship with everyone living together under the same roof. This often translates to positive relationships with visitors, neighbors, friends and welcomed strangers.



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