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Kids and Their Pets:
Is Training Really Necessary?

Whether you are bringing a puppy or an adult dog into your home, training is key to its positive integration into your entire family.  Puppies often look at young children as their “litter mates” and interact with them in the same way they did with their puppy siblings by chasing, biting, chewing, and jumping.  Puppy obedience training is an excellent way to get your family off on the right foot.  Your puppy should be started immediately on a housebreaking schedule; learn some basic commands such as sit, down, stay and come; and be taught to accept the leash and walk without pulling.


If you are bringing home an adult dog, training is just as important.  Your older companion may never have had the advantage of obedience training and therefore is used to doing whatever it pleases.  Your adult dog should be able to follow the basic commands – sit, down, stay, come and walk on the leash without pulling.


Children can and should be a part of your new dog’s training program to the extent to which they are capable.  This may be 5 minutes or the entire lesson.



Carefully including the kids in your dog’s training is a great way to keep their interests up and to establish a context wherein all family members (human and canine) learn to behave in acceptable ways.


A well behaved dog is essential in today’s family environment regardless of age, size or breed.



Pro Dog Training is ready to coach each member of your family to work together to help your puppy or adult dog become an enjoyable addition to your family.


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